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This is my Website. Some basic info about me. Fan of Retro tech, Retro Gaming, etc. People hate me. I'm bored during Storm Eunice and remember wanting to do this a couple days before writing this, and a couple days before the storm, so I thought of making it finally while eating a simplistic dinner of carbonara covered spaghetti while my Mum reads out the news, missing out Corination Street as she reads about the news of the day. To say the least, it's a doozie. Anyway, I've got to eat my dinner. You can find me on Vili / Vidbit or Tracle (Which I am an administrator on) or YouTube or Twitter. Make sure to come back when the site is done.

Gonna be talking about the Retro Gaming stuff here. If you do not like it, go to hell. bold and italic text.

Here's a list of games I have been playing recently:

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